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As we grew as TV commercial producers, we learned that more and more clients were asking us for creative direction. It was a natural step to start THAYER to better offer our clients all creative services.


We would like to grow and work with clients who wish to grow too.  Creativity is not only valuable in producing catchy work, it also allows us to find ways produce better work within your budget.

Philosophy of THAYER



THAYER is not interested in creating advertisements that are like your competitors'.  We would rather your competitors want to make ads like ours.

Advertising agencies do not sell anything; we simply communicate a better way of life to our clients' potential consumers. No one knows a product or service better than our clients. It is not always easy for clients to see their products and services through the eyes of a consumer. Our primary function is to help our clients communicate the passion they have for their products and services in ways that best resonate with their potential consumers. We are only successful when our client's potential consumers become buyers.

Category: TV Commercials


Tasks: Copywriting, Producing, Editing, and distribution


Description: We started in TV and we still feel strongly that commercials & long-format videos do more to communicate information to consumers today than any other medium.  Of course they have to be done right, look and sound good, and be original.  That is where THAYER has the edge.  No other local agency has produced as many commercials as us!

Work | Some  samples of our Work.


Category: Copy Writing


Tasks: Creative Impact


Description: As a lifelong student of David Ogilvy's advertising genius, I find that my taste and style for creating ads  very similar to his.  Ads should be designed to make a positive impression that leads one day to a client.

Category: Websites


Tasks:  Custom Web design


Description: Websites are the ultimate business card for any business and we enjoy designing sites that keep the office phones ringing.  We custom design Websites with input from our clients and well below their expectations of cost.  It isn't rocket science anymore!

A Proposal in St. Moritz - Film

Tidewater Vacations - Luxury Vacation Homes

Sea Search Dive Services -  Mobile and Desktop

Tidewater Wedding - Fairytale Wedding Venues

Moore Thayer Productions - Film Production Site

Kitche Creations - Kitchen Design & Installation

Pamela P. Gardner, AIA, LLC - Architect

Services | THAYER can make your ideas come to life.


Mobile Madness


There is more to designing Websites than Word Press type software.  From shopping carts to Database driven CMS, we can custom design a Website that not only looks good, but works too.

They say 80% of the Web traffic is generated through smart phones and tablets.  We can update your Web content or create Web content that works for any phone or any device that can connect to the Internet.

After 4,000 commercials, Thayer knows how to produce quality High Definition ads that work with virtually any budget.

Graphic Design

Measured Results


From catch print ads to custom 3D modeling, THAYER has all the expensive software and the ability to make it work for you.

We design ads that help you determine how effective they are as well as show you an steady growth in social media participation.

In-house photography services eliminate the issue of licensing images and help cut the costs of generating quality campaigns. Click here to see portfolio

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