Hello! My Name is Robert.

I am a professional Photographer based on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

I have been taking photographs since I was 4 years-old and professionally since I was 19.  I use natural light 99% of the time, even with Real Estate interiors...I find that HDR looks weird.


I studied film at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (BA) and The Acdemy of Art University in San Francisco, CA (MFA).  I have made 4 feature films and produced over 4,000 commercials for TV.  Photography has always been a passion of mine and I look forward to the challenges each project brings.



I enjoy capturing images that make people wish they were in the photo.


Quality photographyfor tourism promotion takes time to do.  It is important to be there when the light is right for each particular subject.  The goal of every photograph is to allow the viewer's imagination to transport them into the scene.  When they wake up from this spell, they will want to be there.  I have worked for several resorts in Maryland and the Florida Keys  and enjpy capturing what fresh eyes find uniquely facinating about each location.

Portraits |

Everyone can see what is the outside of a person, it is when you get the rare chance to capture the person's inner-self in a photgraph do you trult succeed with portraits.


Using natural lighting and locations allows my subjects to relax and to be themselves.  Eventually we end up with the perfect photo in the perfect light that will freeze that part of the history forever.  From private, corporate and High School Senior portraits, I treat each assignment as a unique canvas.

Real Estate |

There is a wave of HDR photographers out there who use their cameras to take five different photos and combine them into one composite shot to stretch the digita camera's contrast range.  The results look fake to me


I want people to see homes as they really are with natural lighting.  I occasionally photoshop images to include views through the windows, but in a natural looking way.  Since I started on film and had to wait to see my results, I am used t using tripods and timed exposures to match what ones eye would see, not to manufacture something else with HDR photography.  As a licesed Real Estate Agent (license on hold) I know how important images are to get a home sold.

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